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All of us are looking for ways to reduce stress in our lives.  When you hire Fleur De Lis for your Christmas lights, you’ll experience the benefits right away. Our professional installers handle everything.


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 Stop wasting hours unpacking and installing Christmas lights. Spend your time doing what you love with those you love most.

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Let us handle the hassle of making a spectacular Christmas display. We install, remove, and store the lights for next year. You don’t lift a finger.

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No more risky climbs on ladders. Your safety is important and our professionals are capable and insured. We’ll give you roofline lights your neighbors will envy.

Residential and commercial properties on the North Shore and Metairie.

Spectacular Christmas Lights without the headache, hassle, or hazard!

At Fleur de Lis, we bring the enchantment of Christmas to your doorstep with our premium full-service Christmas light installation. You’ll get top quality Christmas lights installed and custom-fitted to your home or business.

Imagine a hassle-free holiday season where every detail is taken care of. We maintain the lights during the season. After the holidays, we remove the lights and store them for next year. From the initial installation to post-holiday storage, we make your vision a reality.

Our mission at Fleur de Lis is to provide an easy experience so you can spend the festive season doing what you love with those you love. We create a splendid Christmas display that delights your family, guests, and neighbors.

We take pride in using top-quality Christmas lights and decorations to create a captivating display. Your vision is our inspiration. We work with you to design a holiday lighting arrangement that reflects your

unique style and personality.

We understand the importance of deadlines during the holiday season. You can rely on us for punctual installations, quick maintenance, and prompt removal.

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Exterior Christmas Lights4
Exterior Christmas Lights2

Our Christmas Lighting Services:

We’re a full-service Christmas lighting company. That means that we: Provide the lights and decorations, Install the lights, Maintain the lights, Remove the lights, and Store them.

The lights are exclusively yours while you’re with Fleur de Lis. We test each bulb and wire yearly to ensure you only have the brightest and best quality lights and products. 

1. Expert Installation:

Our skilled team specializes in transforming your property into an eye-catching display. 

We custom-fit quality Christmas lights to your space, ensuring a perfect fit that accentuates your home or business. We offer pre-lit wreaths, garlands, ribbons, and more if you want additional decorations. So you don’t have to look elsewhere. Whether you want a traditional, elegant display or a vibrant and whimsical design, we bring your vision to life.

 2. Seasonal Maintenance:

With Fleur de Lis, you won’t have to worry about burnt-out bulbs or flickering lights during the season. We guarantee your lights with maintenance services to keep your display shining brightly. Our goal is to respond to any issues within 24 hours.

 3. Stress-Free Removal and Storage:

When the holiday season winds down, you’re not bothered with taking down and storing lights. Included in our full service, we will remove the lights in early January. We safely keep them so they’re ready to shine again next year. 

Let Fleur de Lis be your partner in creating unforgettable holiday memories. Say goodbye to the stress of tangled lights and climbing ladders and embrace a joyful and relaxed Christmas season. Our team is ready to make your holidays brighter and more enjoyable.

 Your safety and our team’s safety are very important to us. We train our team to navigate heights, equipment, and installation properly. We’re insured should an accident occur to take any worry off of you.


Exterior Christmas Lights4
Exterior Christmas Lights2

Wreaths & Garlands with Lights

We hang lights and decorations. Complete your Christmas display with elegant pre-lit Christmas wreaths and garlands. Save the hassle of searching for the right decorative addition to your lights.

Lighted wreath on wood door
Lighted wreath on wood door
Christmas Wreath on Door
Christmas Wreath with Lights
Lighted Christmas Wreath

Landscape Lighting

At Fleur de lis, we understand that your property deserves to shine during the holiday season and throughout the year. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our Landscape Lighting service, designed to illuminate and enhance the beauty of your home or business all year round.

 We offer quality exterior lights that will boost the look of your property and catch the attention of passersby. With our Landscape Lighting service, your property will always be a source of pleasure, no matter the season.

Let’s Light Up Your Property

Enhance your property’s beauty and charm year-round. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our Landscape Lighting service can transform your home and property.


Exterior Christmas Lights4
Exterior Christmas Lights2
Exterior Christmas Lights2
Exterior Christmas Lights4
Exterior Christmas Lights2
Exterior Christmas Lights2

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Residential and commercial properties on the North Shore and Metairie

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Christmas is a special time of the year. We want you to spend your Christmas on the things that matter most with the people who matter most.

Why You Need Fleur de Lis Services for Your Holiday Lighting

The holiday season is a time for celebration, togetherness, and creating lasting memories. It’s also a time when your home or business can shine, delighting your guests and passersby. Here’s why you need Fleur de Lis services to transform your holiday experience:

The holiday season can be hectic, with a long to-do list. Our services free you from the hassle of untangling lights, climbing ladders, and troubleshooting technical issues. Enjoy more time with your loved ones while we care for your holiday lighting needs.

We bring expertise and professionalism to every aspect of your holiday lighting display. From designing a tailored plan to expertly installing top-quality lights, our team ensures your property looks its absolute best.

Hanging lights on your own can be risky. We prioritize safety in all our installations, protecting your property and loved ones. With Fleur de Lis, you can enjoy the holiday season without worrying about accidents or electrical issues. Should a rare incident occur, we’ve covered you and our team with general liability insurance and worker’s compensation.

Our experienced designers can turn your vision into a reality. Whether you want a classic, elegant display or a modern and vibrant one, we have the creativity and skills to craft a design that suits your style.

Burnt-out bulbs or malfunctioning lights during the season are not a concern for our clients. We provide comprehensive maintenance, ensuring your display remains constant from start to finish.

Once the holidays are over, the last thing you want to deal with is taking down and storing lights. With our full service, we handle the removal and safe storage of lights. While with Fleur de Lis, these custom-fit lights are exclusively yours. The lights are ready to go if you continue with us next season.

The holidays can be stressful enough without the added pressure of dealing with lighting complications. With Fleur de Lis, you can embrace the calm and joy of the season while we handle the details.

Make your holidays unforgettable with a professionally designed and installed lighting display and decorations. Create cherished memories for your family, friends, and customers that will last a lifetime.

Let Fleur de Lis light up your holidays with elegance, safety, and convenience so you can focus on what matters – celebrating the season’s beauty with those you love.


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